London – Escape Land – Da Vinci’s Exploration

I’ll admit it, we didn’t originally go to London to play this game. After a mistake in our booking for another game, we came on the wrong day. Well that is a good start, right?

A look around on various websites led us to Escape Land, on Oxford Street, which is a lot better placed for travel than a lot of games in London, in a central area, and not somewhere where you wonder who is coming down that dark alley next to you…

A fairly small venue, with 2 games, the host was friendly to us, and we got started quickly. The game started off very dark, we weren’t warned about that, which some people may prefer. The torch was working at least, which was a blessing, but I am still not entirely sure why we would be locked in such a place and trying to escape. I do like games with a story behind them, but possibly the “Exploration” was us exploring the hidden workshop we found.

I am endlessly grateful that we were in Da Vinci’s workshop rather than Leonard Da Quirm’s, I dread to think what puzzles we would have come across. Those we did didn’t seem too related to each other, maybe it is the man’s genius that led to that. There was a really fun method of travelling between two rooms, a little physical but nothing too difficult. That will wow new players for a start when they find it.

Where our team of three got frustrated was near the end, there was one particular puzzle that drove us absolutely mad for about 10 minutes, others may find it a bit easier, but we stuggled a little with the instructions and had to take a couple of hints, delivered over a radio. It looked to have taken some abuse, but was working adequately enough for our needs. We weren’t entirely sure when we had escaped, but that was more our oversight than the fault of the room.

There are some small areas, so again I would say 3 to 4/5 players is good here. Fairly standard for most of the games we have played. It won’t necessarily wow those who have played a lot of games, but we enjoyed ourselves and it was reasonably priced for the location.