Norwich – Cryptic Escape – The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted

Going back to the first escape room I ever played here, the reviews here are a bit of a catch up.

August 2015, or around that time was the opening of the first escape room in Norwich, and I travelled with two friends not knowing quite what was happening. All I knew was that we would be locked in a room by a friendly games master and we’d face a load of puzzles in order to get out again.

The Lab of Dr. Lev Pasted was their first game, and indeed, we went in to just see….a room. And a load of puzzles. I liked the audio aspect, and the first thing I remember thinking was “Where do we even start?” At this point, only one of us had done anything like this before.

I remember this as having some really good searching, and a fair bit of it was awkward, with a fair few “oh…REALLY?” moments. Definitely laughed about it afterwards. I was hooked by the games having a story behind them, and not just a load of things to solve in a room, with no connection whatsoever. I felt fairly immersed in it, and I was reminded very much of looking around in old point and click games, trying to see what worked with what. Yes, we really didn’t have a clue about what was happening at this point, but it led to some rather amusing moments, and a fair bit of swearing. This would become quite a common theme among the next few rooms, and wow, nothing has changed 2 years later really….

Thinking back on it now, I would definitely recommed this to beginners, and although I have fond memories of my first ever game and may be rose tinting, I still don’t think this is a bad game. Indeed, I am glad to see their review scores creep up. The staff I met cared about their games, and had a great sense of humour with the hints they gave. The hints here come through the monitor when you either ask for them, or the GM thinks you might need a little push. They are steering you in the right direction, but you might end up having to think for a moment. I like this.

Cryptic Escape can be found in Norwich’s Tombland, and they are opening a new game in the near future. I look forward to seeing what they have to offer now they have increased the space they have available.