Hockwold (Suffolk) – Rustic Riddles – Pan’s Problem

So what better to do on a warm Sunday afternoon than go and visit a local goatherd who has a little problem with trolls?

Something a little bit different to a regular escape game, well yes! There’s no room to escape from for a start, and the aim of this game is to create a magic potion to see off a troll, and save the goats from being eaten. No easy task when some naughty wood nymphs have left traps and puzzles for you to solve to get the ingredients.

I loved this game right from the start. I am not sure how I would have felt if it had been pouring with rain, but I suspect it wouldn’t have detracted from the clever puzzles. There are a few padlocks, some great physical puzzles, and some interesting brainteasers for good measure. Everything fitted well with the outdoor venue, the natural materials used went a long way to making a great atmosphere, and there had clearly been a lot of thought put in to making this a fun adventure, for which you will be using both body and brain. It’s a fair way around that hollow, that’s for sure!

Our host was genial, and had plenty of stories to tell. It was really good that he had future plans for the venue as well, I definitely look forward to seeing a sequel game. I would recommend this to anyone, and there is no age requirement either. Everyone can get involved with something, even exploring their surroundings. Doing it with 2 people was rather hard though with all the moving around needed. We didn’t finish in the 60 minutes, but that was partially due to our absolute stupidity on one puzzle. Ah well.

We’re not even bothered that we were beaten quite handily by a group of children. Honestly!