London – Secret Studio: Escape in Time!

The second in a day of room escape attempts with a difference, playing 3 of the more non-traditional rooms that I could find in London.

With a rather intruiging email sent to us that gave the game’s location as a “closely guarded secret”…well, obviously, given the name!

We took a group of 3 here, and I think 3 or 4 was best as it was another fairly linear room with a story behind it. In a production studio for B-movies, one of the cameramen has noticed strange goings-on on the set. His (rather cruel, in my opinion) editor has told him to prove it, and then he disappears during the night while locked in on the set. What happened to him? It’s your job to find out.

The props as we entered were some of the best I have ever seen in a well themed room, with plenty of little touches to keep things interesting. And even better, still barely any locks!

We went for the highest difficulty level despite having one new player with us, but he jumped in straight away, exploring the new world. Wasn’t long ago I was doing that myself! One puzzle was a bit finnicky, dropping a magnet into a small space that you couldn’t get your hand into to get it out again, but this had quite clearly happened before when our GM helpfully showed us the location of another one. It was when the clues were being sent that you really got the impression that they were paying attention, especially when we received personalised messages that were (gently and humourously) berating us for doing something stupid.

You definitely need the clues to get through this game, it’s not easy by any means, but a quick push in the right direction is enough to push you back on track in a lot of cases. The staff take care of you right from the start (thanks for the apples :)) and like a few games we have played recently, you do get to see the story through to the end. You’ll want to as well, this is well put together and a lot of thought has gone in. I did things in here that I have never had to do inside one of these rooms before.

One puzzle can be a little frustrating, but technology can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Just grin, bear it and you will do it. They say that at least one team member should have reasonably good eyesight and I’d say that they are correct. Also, be prepared for a few screams, but I bet you will still enjoy yourself!

I’d say don’t worry about being a beginner in here, there’s plenty of scope for both them and experienced players. Apparently there is also a sequel coming for returning players, as well as more rooms in the works, so I will be keeping a close eye on this one!


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